B.A. (Research) in Sociology

The approach of the Department of Sociology allows students to follow a variety of interests that firm up their core understanding of their Major discipline. With guidance from their departmental advisors, students design their own study programs and jointly participate in workshops that thematize the emerging issues in Sociology.


Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts (Research) in Sociology
Master of Arts in Sociology
Ph.D. in Sociology

Representative Courses *

Core Courses

• Culture and Society
• Religion, Science, Society
• Gift, Commodity, Debt
• State, Citizenship, Bureaucracy
• Kinship, Relatedness, Networks
• Work, Labour, Industry
• Visuality, Materiality Information


• The Sociology of Markets
• War and Media;
• Election Ethnographies and the Paradoxes of Democracy
• The Anthropology of Intellectuals and Expertise
• The Land Question
• Urban Anthropology
• The Anthropology of Violence
• Rule of Law and Laws of Rule

*This is not an exhaustive list. The courses shown above are reviewed every semester based on the requirement of the program. New courses are added every semester.

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"Apart from the ambience, the people of Shiv Nadar University are the most amazing lot you'll ever come across. Be it seniors who are always ready to help you or have a chat with you and tell you the little shortcuts to hostel life or be it the faculty who are ready to sit down and pay attention to every individual and what they require to reach their potential! From the cafe to the central vista, everyone can find something to relate to in the Shiv Nadar University world."

Swetha Sekar,
B.A. (Research) in Sociology

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Admission Process

Shiv Nadar University’s selection process has three parts:

Part 1: Eligibility based on Class XII scores as defined in the section - Eligibility for Admissions and Scholarships - Undergraduate Programs

Part 2: Shiv Nadar University Scholastic Aptitude Test (SNUSAT) and Academic Proficiency Test (APT) – A combined three hour test to be administered in more than 100 Pearson VUE test centers across India helping every aspirant to participate in the process. SNUSAT and APT will be available as per the details mentioned under section - Key Dates

Part 3: Review of Application Form for the candidate’s aspiration in life and the ability to be a stakeholder at Shiv Nadar University

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